Safire  + her Random Acts
have shared the stage with a wide Variety of ARTIST
including ... just to name drop a few 


Sweet Anomaly 

Michael frente
Kinnie star
Dj lorin bassnecter
President Brown
Burning spear


El pappa chango
Alberta Adams
Adham Shaikh
Adam Freeland
Chebi shiva
Ganga giri

Ancient rugged
Yard dogs


ADHAM SHAIKH .. Audio Architech ...
 Suplex ... Shasta .. Jitterbug 
Wassabi Collective ... CARPARK ...MEOW MIX ... 

Millennium project .. One step beyond .. Jazzbury ram
Randy bachman BTO.. Perrry feral .. Global Underground .. Medicine DRUM

Safire is an 
Advanced Multi Media Operative 
using Nu Skool and Old Skool techniques…….
practicing Random Acts of Art where ever she goes .......

to shine bright ...........

Has performed .....with Fire .....shadow .......stilt and dance SafSaf
since the conception of Shambhahla 10 years ago
and now for the past 5 years has created
a number of stages within the beach stage
her own LivingRoom @ shambhala music fest 

She has worked with Vision Quest Japan on a multitude of occations
and has Performed @ Seattle Womad Music Fest 
Vancouver International Folk FEST
Cannan Downs Uprising festival .....CHEAP AS CHIPS in NewZealand
and Plenty More festivals and schools arround the globe ....................
Safire has been a Performing Artist 
since 1994  travelling the world 
between Aotearoa  + Canada  Following Summers ...
 Creating Random Acts of Art  and Play Along the way

Bringing a Playful Inspirational Atmosphere .. 
to Festivals.. Markets..
Community and Corporate events ..
 in Schools.. Clubs and Music Venues... 
... Considering herself an Artist in Residence 
in the School of Life ......

She has been an Artist in residence
 with WorldSign Communication Society
 in the mountains of British Columbia CANADA 
for the past 8 years Apprenticing 
with Visual + Puppeteer Master DAVID ORCUTT
Working it into her Art and Sharing it with the World
SHE TRAVELS the WORLD to LEARN its Secrets..
and then shares them with her new found friends ..

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